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Finding jobs is not as easy as getting a drink from the vending machine. We know its hard to find the job nowadays. No matter you are a Diploma, Degree and Master graduates, the reality of life is harder than anyone can think of.

Our website seekersconsult.com established based on our experience to find a job after getting retrenched from our permanent job. Most of the websites focus on servicing the employer instead of job candidate like you. 

At seekersconsult.com, we will try our best to place you at the right company as long as your CV matches the job requirements by the employer.

Don't hesitate to apply for the job here by browsing our site with confidence. 

How to apply the job listed in seekersconsult.com?

Step 1 - Browse listing in seekersconsult.com?
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Step 2 - Identify the job you are interested to apply.

Step 3 - Email your application with latest CV / Resume to seekersconsult@gmail.com or job@seekers.com

Step 4 - Our recruiter will contact you.