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Friday, 6 December 2019

Jobs Vacancies Available For The Week 6 Dec 2019

Wrap up week 6 Dec 2019. If you or your friends are looking for job opportunities please share this post with them. We have a few opportunities for them. Please forward your latest CV / Resume to job@seekersconsult.com.

Job ID06121901 : Japanese Speaker Process Associate , Customer Service (5 vacancies available)

Job ID06121902: Korean Speaking Customer Service

Job ID06121903 : Digital Marketing Specialist

Job ID06121904 : Logistics Coordinators (12 vacancies)

Job ID06121905: Property Administration Manager

Job ID06121906: Cantonese Speaking IT Support

Job ID06121907: Cantonese Speaking Property Manager - Data Analytics

Job ID06121908: Japanese Speaking Senior Finance Executive

Job ID06121909: Mandarin Speaking Operation Manager

Job ID06121910: Mandarin Speaking Sales Manager

Job ID06121911: Japanese Speaking Interpreter (Open to Fresh Graduates)

Job ID06121912: Mandarin Speaking Sales Executive

Job ID06121913: Mandarin Speaking Sales and Marketing Executive

Job ID06121914: Group Head of QC and Sourcing (Furniture)

Job ID06121915: Japanese Speaking Admin to work at KLIA, Sepang for a Logistic company

Job ID06121916: Outbound Telesales for Telco /  Internet product (Open for Fresh Graduate) 

Happy Weekend! Good luck with your job hunting.